Sunday, October 14, 2012

100 Melted Snowmen...

Well, I can't show you any pictures of the cards we made on World Card Making day because I sold them before I could take pictures of them! lol

But have you ever wondered what 100 melted snowmen would look like? Well wonder no more!

 Here is a close up. I actually made 300 of these little buggers! What for you ask? Why for my upcoming craft sales! They are the little toppers for the candy bags that I made this year...and will never do again! They took way too long!
 Here is one full of bubble gum
 Here is one full of M & M's
And this one is full of Pixie Sticks

I also filled 120 of these bags with pencils. A great alternative to candy! 

Until next time, happy stamping!

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